Privacy Policy

The protection of your personal information is a top priority for K9 ACADEMY. K9 ACADEMY's privacy policy has been developed according to the ten principals of Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This policy is subject to PIPEDA and/or any other applicable laws and is subject to change at any time.

. Accountability

  • K9 ACADEMY is fully responsible for all personal information collected and under its control.
  • When third parties act on behalf of K9 ACADEMY for customer service, delivery, processing credit card payments (not yet available), K9 ACADEMY takes necessary steps to ensure such third parties comply with this policy and all applicable privacy laws.
  • Should K9 ACADEMY's website contain links to other websites, K9 ACADEMY will not be responsible for the privacy practices of those other websites.

2. Identifying Purposes

  • The purpose for collecting the types of personal information that K9 ACADEMY collects is self evident at the time of collection. Examples of types of personal information collected include Name and Contact Information for the purpose of providing service or communicating information about offers, promotions and K9 ACADEMY's products and services.
  • If K9 ACADEMY collects personal information for which the purpose is not self evident, the purpose will be indicated at the time of collection.
  • The only personal information that K9 ACADEMY requires is that which is needed to provide service and communicate with K9 ACADEMY's customers about products, services and offers. Any other personal information provided by K9 ACADEMY's clients is at their discretion and will be kept private and confidential and will not be shared or distributed in any way.

3. Consent

  • K9 ACADEMY will collect, use or disclose personal information only with knowledge and consent of the client.
  • K9 ACADEMY will only disclose personal information without consent where required by law.
  • Consent will be assumed with a client's use of K9 ACADEMY's services.

4. Limiting Collection

  • The collection of personal information by K9 ACADEMY will be limited to what is necessary to complete transactions with K9 ACADEMY's clients, to inform them about K9 ACADEMY's products and offers and according to the law.
  • K9 ACADEMY will inform clients if any new purpose, not detailed in this policy, arises for the collection of personal information.

5. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

  • Personal information collected for the purpose of providing service will be stored for the duration of the service period. Once a client ceases to be a client, K9 ACADEMY will retain their personal information to communicate future offers and promotions unless K9 ACADEMY's client asks that their personal information be destroyed.
  • If K9 ACADEMY's client asks that their personal information be destroyed, K9 ACADEMY will destroy any and all personal information pertaining to that client in electronic or hard copy formats.

6. Accuracy

  • K9 ACADEMY will keep personal information as accurate, current and complete as necessary in order to conduct its business with its clients.

7. Safeguards

  • K9 ACADEMY will protect personal information against loss or theft, regardless of the format in which it is held.
  • K9 ACADEMY will use security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information included restricting access to personal information via passwords and encryption measures, providing security clearance only to those employees who need to know such personal information to conduct business on behalf of K9 ACADEMY and its clients, locking filing cabinets when necessary and appropriate disposal of personal information.
  • K9 ACADEMY will train all new employees on this policy.

8. Openness

  • Information about K9 ACADEMY's policies and practices with regard to the management of personal information will be made available.

9. Individual Access

  • Upon request, K9 ACADEMY will inform individuals of the existence of any personal information K9 ACADEMY has stored about them and explain how it has been used and provide a listing of people or organizations to which the personal information has been disclosed.
  • K9 ACADEMY will correct or amend any personal information has on file is not adequate, complete, accurate or current.
  • If there is a legal reason for which personal information cannot be disclosed to an individual, the individual will be informed of the legal reason and the personal information will not be disclosed.
  • K9 ACADEMY does not knowingly collect any personal information on any individual under the age of 17. If K9 ACADEMY discovers that employees unknowingly collected personal information on anyone under the age of 17, such personal information will be destroyed as quickly as possible.

10. Challenging Compliance

  • For information regarding this policy or to challenge our compliance with this policy, please contact us here.
  • K9 ACADEMY will inform any individual who contacts of its procedures for filing a complaint as appropriate.