About Us

Trainer-Approved Gear You Can Trust

Our canine behaviour experts have spent thousands of hours training and exercising dogs of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments. In that time, we've tested all the top brands of training gear and accessories on the market.

Clients are constantly asking us which brands and types of tools we recommend, so we've created this store to share what we believe to be the best-quality products.

The brands we love and use in our training sessions, you'll find here in our store. 


Custom-Made Products

Here at K9 Academy, we have created a collection of custom-made products for advanced safety and ease of use.

About K9 Academy Training

K9 Academy is dedicated to providing immediate results for owners looking to turn unruly pups into happy, balanced, well-behaved family members.

Our canine behaviour experts curate custom training packages to address you and your dog’s specific needs. With us you will learn to properly read your dog’s body language and behaviours to identify their state of mind and underlying motivations. Our reward-based, balanced approach is proven to provide immediate and long-lasting results.

We believe that no dog is beyond help. At K9 Academy, we work extensively with dog owners and rescue centres around Ontario to help rehabilitate dogs with severe issues such as aggression and reactivity.