Nylon Bungee E-Collar Strap


A great alternative for your standard e-collar strap. More stylish, vibrant and durable. This e-collar strap includes a quick release buckle as well as a small but strong bungee strap. This allows for the e-collar to maintain a snug fit while not feeling too tight. Standard, non-bungee straps either feel too snug or too loose, causing inconsistent contact. The quick release allows you to set a size and easily clip the collar on without constant readjusting.

Made of high quality nylon, the same material inside most biothane or PVC straps.

3/4" sizes compatible with:
ET-300 Mini Educator, ME-300 Micro Educator, Dogtra 200, 280 series.

Works with any e-collar with a 3/4" opening.

1" Sizes compatible with:
ET-800 The Boss, Dogtra ARC, Dogtra 1900 Series.

Not meant to be used as a standard collar. E-collar attachment ONLY.