X-Large Kennels



This kennel will accommodate your larger breed of dog. Designed with straighter sides this kennel can fit through narrow doorways such as campers. Vent hole pattern displayed comes standard (1 3/8") with two finger holes in the back. All kennel sizes are outfitted with strong, composite doors that have a tighter grid pattern to prevent biting and chewing. (Keep in mind the double door versions will add 1 1/2" to the exterior dimension.)    


Length: 40 3/8"

Width: 22" at widest point

Height: 29 7/8"


Length: 39"

Width: 21 5/8" at widest point

Height: 28"


Length: 38 1/2"

Width: 19"

Weight: Approx. 42 pounds


*Shipping within Canada ONLY.