Intermediate Kennels



The Intermediate Dog kennel was the first dog kennel we manufactured. Designed by outdoorsmen, endorsed by celebrities, this intermediate dog kennel sets the standard for built-to-last intermediate-sized dog kennels. Vent hole patterns differ among styles, please see photos displayed for the standard (1 3/8" hole size), with two finger holes in the back. Ventilation can be customized from the drop-down menu options. The intermediate dog kennel can be stacked and customized with the add-on options. (Please note double door entry styles will add 1 1/2 inches to the normal dimensions.)    


Length: 30 1/2"

Width: 20" at widest point

Height: 23 1/4"


Length: 30"

Width: 19 1/2" at widest point

Height: 22"


Length: 28 1/2"

Width: 17 1/2"

Weight: Approx. 20 pounds


Shipping within Canada ONLY.